DURIG is a leading business development firm providing specialist services in Civil Engineering Sector and Oil & Gas Sector.

DURIG was established in 2008 and has serviced the largest Oil and Gas companies in the region.
DURIG is synonymous with innovation and excellence in civil engineering services.
DURIG is made up of a group of professionally qualified, academically trained post-graduate qualification and experienced personnel in engineering & business consulting to provide
the complete best solutions and business practices.
We have rendered excellent services and are committed to providing quality professional work for all our projects.


DURIG strives to deliver the best engineering solutions providing cutting edge technologies offering innovative,
sustainable, economical, safe design and business practice.


We are committed to fulfill the requirements of our clients to their satisfaction.

Our Team

Maram Wshah

Founder and Managing Director of Durig

She has more than a decade of managerial and technical experience in Geo Technical Engineering and Structural Design in the UAE and Jordan. She has served organization such as Geoscience Testing Laboratory, Arab Center for Engineering Studies, Geo Consult Laboratory and Jordan Laboratory in the past.
She is visionary leader and action-oriented. She is passionate about strategic Partnerships & Business Growth Initiatives across different territories. She acts as strategic advisor for energy sector growth at Durig and support across MENA region.
She holds a bachelor in Civil Engineering from the Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan.

Muhannad T Suleiman

Technical Expert of Durig

Dr. Suleiman is an Associate Professor at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, USA. His expertise include developing a pervious concrete ground improvement alternative, investigating the use of bio-mediated and bio-inspired soil improvement, evaluating geothermal deep foundation systems (also known as energy piles) that are used for cooling and heating of building, investigating the soil-structure interaction of different foundation systems and bridge structures, LRFD of deep foundations and geo-structures, and effects of construction and time on foundations and ground improvement methods.
Dr. Suleiman is the chair of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Committee on Deep Foundations and a member of the Soil Improvement Committee. He is also a member of the TRB Committee on Foundations of Bridges and other structures.
He is the recipient of the Shamsher Prakash 2014 Prize for Excellence in Teaching of Geotechnical Engineering. He is also the recipient of the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute’s George D. Nasser Award for 2016, PCI Journal Paper.